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Dress Code

The standards of appearance for students shall ensure that the students are clean, neat, and appropriately dressed. They shall observe modes of dress and standards of personal grooming which are in conformity with the studious atmosphere and good personal hygiene necessary in schools.

Parents of students violating this dress code may be called and students sent home to secure appropriate clothing. All classes missed because of inappropriate clothing will be unexcused.

During normal school hours, secondary students shall be required to wear a visible (around your neck/at your waist) CCISD-issued current school year identification badge (ID’s).

A. Head Coverings

  1. No hats, caps, hoodies, curlers, bandanas, or sunglasses (unless prescribed by a physician) are to be worn in the school building or hallways.
  2. Extreme hair styles are prohibited.

B. Upper Garments

All colors are acceptable.

  1. Undergarments should not be visible at any time. (Sports bras are considered undergarments.)
  2. Garments must be of a length and fit that are suitable to the build and stature of the student.
  3. Strapless garments, off the shoulder tops, tube tops and halter tops are prohibited. Must have sleeves (long or short).
  4. Necklines of all upper garments must be modest. Low cut necklines are prohibited.
  5. Excessively large or baggy clothes, which may conceal dangerous/prohibited items or be a safety hazard, shall not be worn.
  6. Upper garments must adequately cover the waistline and must not expose the midriff while the student is performing normal school-related activities (studying, retrieving books, raising hands, etc.).
  7. Trench Coats and oversized jackets are not allowed on campus during school hours.
  8. Embellishments (spiked or chain accessories) are not permitted
  9. Acceptable logos include Clear View/CCISD/name brands (Polo/Nike/etc.) or shirts that promote college/military service/careers.

C. Lower Garments (Pants)

All colors are acceptable.

  1. Pants (jeans or slacks) shall conform to the build and stature of the student, shall be worn at the waist, and shall not extend below the heel of the shoe in length. Pants shall have no holes, rips, tears at mid-thigh or above.
  2. Tights, spandex, leggings, bike shorts, vinyl, leather, yoga pants, and pajamas are not permitted.
  3. Capris can be worn but must be knee length or below.
  4. Non form-fitting sweatpants/wind pants are permitted.
  5. Shorts, skirts, and dresses are not permitted.
  6. No embellishments (spiked or chain accessories)

D. Footwear

  1. Footwear is required at all times. Athletic shoes are recommended.
  2. Sandals may be worn. (No slippers, slides, shower shoes, bedroom shoes).

E. Accessories/ Symbols or Clothing Showing Membership/Affiliation with a Gang or Other Prohibited Messages

  1. Clothing, jewelry, and accessories shall not convey messages that are crude; vulgar/profane; violent/death-oriented; gang related; sexually suggestive; and/or promoting alcohol, drugs, or tobacco.
  2. Tattoos must be covered.
  3. Blankets are not acceptable forms of dressing attire.
  4. Patches, garments and accessories that make comments or references to weapons, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, sex, obscenities and/or innuendoes are not permitted.


Updated – July 31, 2023